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Life Transition coaching program

The  Life Transition coaching program includes three phases

Phase one:  Visioning and Values Exploration

During this phase  and with the support of your coach, you will complete a series of  assessments in order to help you determine your vision in different areas of your life. By the end of this phase you'll have chosen 3 to 5 different areas you'd love to explore more and to set goals in.

Phase  two:  Options Exploration

During this phase and with the support of your coach, you will start narrowing down your options and will start prioritizing your goals. You will use a variety of methods to do this and will finish this process with 1 to 2 goals and a plan you are more comfortable with and which you'll focus your attention on.

Phase three:  Focused attention

During this phase you will be implementing the plan to achieve your goals.  With the support of your coach, you'll start feeling your groove again, and will have accomplished your goal, or be in the process of accomplishing your goal.  


Supportive Training will also include: 

Webinars to provide you with some DIRECTION, to help you change some of your SKILLS  and to change  INNER 'GREMLINS'.