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Back In the Groove Again

Transitions for The Single Midlifers

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Discover your personal groove again

following your separation or divorce program

Program format

As soon as you register for this program, you'll be receiving some questions to help you determine your goals. Once this is received we will schedule an in person session (depending on where you live, it may also be on another platform) to go over the questions and what your personal goals are. This provides us with some time to get acquainted and to determine how we will be working together so that you can start living your life and get back in the groove again.

The program then continues with the weekly sessions (may be extended to bi weekly) where we'll meet on a mutually agreed time/day and on a webinar platform, which makes it much more comfortable and convenient for you.  We'll go over the session material, engage in interactive conversations and in between sessions, you'll have access to me via email and be provided with follow up material and questions.  We meet again at the end of the program, in person (or via other platform, if out of town), to evaluate your progress and discuss your next steps.

Session one: Choices:  How What You Think and Choose Colors Your Choices

In an information-packed webinar training, you’ll discover

  • How your LIMITING BELIEFS may be negatively impacting your health, finances, relationships and overall happiness without you even realizing it, and a quick and easy shift to DRAMATICALLY turn things around
  • Secrets to creating NEW POSSIBILTIES for yourself in a way that feels empowering
  • The keys to gaining greater clarity so you can make CLEAR CHOICES
  • How to ERADICATE the harmful, crippling effects of DOUBT and step into a state of possibility
  • How to QUICKLY visualize the right choice at the right time
  • And so much more…

Session two: Confident You: Leap Outside Your Comfort Zone and Achieve What You Want now that you're on your own again

During this session you'll discover

  • How to prepare your mind for your budding confidence
  • How to eliminate your doubts and fears
  • 4 ways to deeply increase your confidence
  • Practical practices to maintain the new, confident you
  • What, EXACTLY, is holding you back – You will explore how your past is limiting your present results.

Session three: Beating Self-Sabotage and Reaching Your Full Potential

During this session, you’ll discover

  • How to immediately identify your Inner Critic whenever it speaks
  • 4 sneaky tricks your saboteur uses on you,  and how to outsmart it
  • The top obstacles standing between the life you have and the life you want
  • How to call in your reinforcements when you are being bombarded by those sabotaging voices
  • A simple 3-step method to reclaiming control of your life
  • How to actually gain inspiration from your doubt, fear & anxiety

Session Four: What Matters Most to You: Building a Fulfilling Life on the Foundation of your Values

During this inspirational and education training, you will discover…

  • How to find and align with your true values in any situation
  • How to minimize drama and maximize success
  • How your values can open the doors to happiness, health, wealth and fulfilling relationships
  • The #1 most effective trick to overcoming ANY challenge
  • How to develop a bullet proof 3-part value system
  • And much, much more…

Session Five: Money Wellness  Having a Healthy Perspective on Earning, Saving and Spending Your Money

During this inspirational webinar, you’ll learn...

  • How to reduce your debt & lower your financial stress RIGHT AWAY
  • Where your money comes from and where it’s going..
  • .How to stop “Retail Therapy” from derailing your dreams.
  • The biggest threat to your financial health & well being...
  • 3 Simple Steps you can make to guarantee financial freedom...
  • How to EASILYlive within your means & stop overspending..

Session Six: Goal Setting and Visioning Your New Start

In this session, you’ll discover

  • How to develop a strategy for setting a long-term vision for what you want
  • How to start turning a simple vision into a manageable, measurable action plan 
  • How to eliminate distractions by bringing focus to what matters most
  • How connecting your life to a bigger purpose and assure a successful outcome
  • How you'll be able to finally, once and for all, turn your visions into your reality

Session seven: Wrap up and get together (may be offered face to face)

  • Takeaways
  • What’s next for you?